Software Process Workflow & Description - M210

Software Process Workflow & Description - M210
  • Item #: M210

The Software Process Workflow is a comprehensive methodology that describes the AnyCompany software life-cycle from requisition and procurement through retirement supported by a detailed procedure and glossary. In addition to the detail work steps, the Software process depicts aseries of 20 comprehensive workflow process charts integrates and identifies typical supporting policies, procedures and related artifacts needed and used throughout the software life-cycle at AnyCompany.
Having a well-defined and documented Software business process is important to:
 - Clarify the scope of the Software team responsibilities
 - Reduce the risk that personnel or other loss will stop or slow Software activities
 - Help ensure that key steps are followed
 - Have a mechanism for training new personnel.
The involvement of key stakeholder areas (throughout the Software lifecycle) is critical to the accurate depiction of practices and keeping the workflow up to date over time.

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