Portfolio and Dashboard Workbook Charts - T210

Portfolio and Dashboard Workbook Charts - T210
  • Item #: T210

An array of over 60 practical and useful charts arrayed across 15 tabs and a sample Dashboard used to illustrate managing, tracking and reporting. The Tab & Chart Template Summary includes: QC Test RCA, Risk, Privacy, Controls & Compliance, Cyber Incident Analysis, Incident Case Type & Closure, Case Time Analysis, Investigation Analysis, Financial Analysis, Portfolio Project & Process, Availability & Outage, Fraud Analysis, Vulnerability Test Results, Workload Analysis, Training Coverage.

These templates and guidelines can be used for a variety of business and IT needs including: managing a program or set of projects; managing risk & security; process management; testing & quality management; Tickets & SLAs; budget & financial management; training & resource management, workload & time management.

Users can modify, expand, delete or use the charts as is to illustrate key aspects of IT security, process, projects, workload and quality management.

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